Monique Lawless Stops Walmart Beer Robbery

Monique Lawless

When Monique Lawless (perfect name for this story!) spotted three men leaving a Walmart in Alvin, Texas with three cases of beer they hadn’t paid for, she did what few others would even think of: She went after them!

After chasing the trio down in the parking lot outside the store, she jumped on the hood of their car and tried to kick in the windshield. When that didn’t work, she jumped on the roof and tried to kick in the sunroof, while the kids below her just kept laughing. Finally, when the driver started the car, she slid down from the roof and tried to grab the driver’s door handle. The car lunged forward and dragged Monique to the pavement, resulting in a scratched face, broken lip and scrapes and bruises on her legs.

The story has a positive ending though, as the three were later caught at another Walmart after an hourlong chase, and are being held on charges of felony evading arrest and aggravated robbery.

When asked if she would do it again, Monique said “Probably, but I would probably throw a shopping cart in front of the car instead of jumping on the hood and roof.”

Well done Monique! If I ever get a chance to meet you in person, the next round is on me.

Update: They’ve released a video of the heroic act:

[Via: Chron]

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