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Bottle Openers by J. L. Lawson & Co.

The Rack by J. L. Lawson & Co.

J. L. Lawson & Co. is a third-generation machine shop out of Joshua Tree, CA, that specializes in high quality stainless steel, steel, and brass goods including rings, spinning tops, belt buckles, and bottle openers.

I recently purchased a belt from J. L. Lawson & Co., so I can attest to the quality, and you can get a feel for the craftsmanship by checking out this video, which shows the process they go through to make a single copy of The Rack, a cold rolled steel bottle opener & key rack:

If you’re looking for a bottle opener that will last a lifetime, then check out J. L. Lawson & Co., because it doesn’t get much better than a tool that was hand made by a single craftsman, right here in the US of A.

[J. L. Lawson & Co.]

MAKR Bottle Key

MAKR Bottle Key

MAKR is a company that specializes in hand-sewn leather goods like bags, wallets and iPhone sleves, but they also make a blank key bottle opener that’s perfect for anyone who prefers minimalism, but still wants a little style.

Made from brass and designed to blend in with the rest of the keys on your key ring, it means you’ll never have to look around for another bottle opener again, since you’ll always have one in your pocket and reedy to go.

[MAKR – Bottle Key]

Goldman Koozie from Wheelmen & Co.

Wheelmen Beer Koozie

Keep your beer cold and your hands dry with the Goldman koozie from Wheelmen & Co.

Made with top grain leather and 3mm neoprene lining, and assembled with hand tap brass rivets in the USA, this koozie keeps your beverage cold with class.

[Wheelmen & Co. – Goldman Beer Koozie]