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Vessel Hands Out Some Holiday Cheer

Vessel Beer Details

To help their clients get in the holiday spirit, Vessel, a “boutique, multi-disciplinary design studio” out of Chicago, worked with Southern Tier Brewing Company out of Lakewood, New York to create special silkscreened editions of their beers, with clever names like Yule Lager, Red-Nosed Reinbeer, Santa’s Stout and Hibernation Helper.

Vessel Beer

The beers were each packaged in matching red sacks, and included a special message of thanks from the team at Vessel.

Vessel Beer Bags

Vessel joins the ranks of Image Brew, Arnold and Threadless, who each released promotional beers in 2011, indicating that the trend of branded brews should continue strong well into the new year.

For more great photos of Vessel’s holiday brews, be sure to check out Good Beer Hunting’s sneak peak.

Threadless Needs A Label For Their IPA

Threadless IPA

In August, Brew Review covered the release of the Threadless IPA, brewed by Finch’s Beer Co.

Well now they’re looking for help with the label, because they’ve decided to take it out of the keg and distribute it across Chicago in cans. (Finch’s preferred distribution method.)

Earlier this year, Finch

Threadless Creates IPA And Beer T-Shirts

Threadless IPA

Threadless and Chicago’s own Finch’s Beer Co. recently teamed up to create the Threadless IPA, a new beer that will be served at Threadless HQ and bars throughout the city.

Beer T-Shirt

To celebrate the release, they also redesigned one of their most popular t-shirts to create the “Beer!” shirt, which should quickly become a staple in the closet of anyone with a passion for brews.

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