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KegBox Rethinks Beer Storage


The KegBox (or Keg#) is an innovative new concept from Niels Astrup that aims to replace the traditional keg with something more practical and easier to use.

The KegBox takes up less space and weighs less than a traditional keg, and has a coupling nozzle that can be replaced so that it can be used with various manufacturers. It also contains a built-in force-sensitive resistor that indicates the residual contents of the keg, so you’ll know at a glance how much beer is left. The kegs can be connected in series for easier handling when empty, and the Keg# case has a handle and wheels to make it easier to move around when full. Plus, the rectangle design fits better into a kegerator, so you can keep more beer cold in the same amount of space.

At this point, the KegBox is just a concept, but seeing as the keg as we know it has been around for longer than anyone can remember, I think it’s about time someone started to rethink and redesign how we handle large amounts of beer!


EasyOpen Bottle Cap Redesign

The bottle cap (originally called the crown cork) has remained nearly the same since its invention in 1892. That doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement though, as this concept from Gonglue Jiang demonstrates.

Easy Open

Called the EasyOpen, it’s a bottle cap that features a pull tab similar to what cans use, allowing you to simply pop the top off if you can’t find an opener, preventing you from making do with your teeth, the side of a table, or a variety of other, usually destructive means.

[Via: Yanko Design]

Beer Bottle T-Shirts Rock

Beer Bottle TShirts Unbroken

Beer t-shirts are a dime a dozen, so to stand out, you really need to think different. As a concept for design school, Ann Leushina of Moscow created the Rock Arsenal t-shirt set, which come packaged in beer bottles that must be smashed to get to their t-shirt innards. The shirts themselves are also divided into three musically inspired styles: soft, classic and dark.

Beer Bottle TShirt

[Via: The Dieline]