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Hand Forged Steel Bottle Opener

Hand Forged Steel Bottle Opener

This hand forged steel bottle opener with copper rivet is one of the best looking bottle openers I’ve seen in a while.

Each bottle opener is individually made by hand on an anvil by metal artist Lyle Poulin, and then finished by hand to ensure proper fit. The steel develops a very unique surface texture that comes from being heated to 2000 degrees and then hammering it to shape, and the opener is designed to last for generations.

Forged Bottle Opener with Copper Rivet

Cold Creek Brewing Six-Pack Carrier

Cold Creek Brewing Six-Pack Holder

Cold Creek Brewing makes a six-pack carrier out of rustic wood and copper that is sure to class up your next event.

In addition to its good looks, it’s also useful, as the handle includes a built-in bottle opener, and the wooden dividers can be removed to make way for larger bottles. Plus, the slats are placed so that it’s easy to read the labels, so you can always find your favorite beer, or show off the new label on your home brew.

EDIT: Cold Creek Brewing was just featured on Etsy’s blog! Check it out: Featured Shop: Cold Creek Brewing

[Cold Creek Brewing – Six-Pack Carrier]

Madison Square Garden Has An Impressive Beer System

Madison Square Garden Beer Keg System

What you’re looking at here is one of the two new centralized keg stations that keep the beer flowing at Madison Square Garden. Kyle Stack reported on the new installation for ESPN Magazine, and it was something that I simply had to share.

With more than 1,000 kegs feeding 566 taps at 45 beer stands through 38 miles of temperature-controlled tubing, it’s an amazing feat of beer engineering.

A few more amazing stats:

  • The farthest distance between a keg station and a beer stand is 550 feet. The shortest is just six feet.
  • The system uses 6 miles of copper coolant line to keep the beer between 34 and 36 degrees while being delivered.
  • The concession-stand taps can dispense up to a gallon of beer per minute, balancing speed with foam prevention.

[Via: Kyle Stacks]