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Beer Ipsum Makes Beer Themed Lorem Ipsum

If your day job includes design, and you ever find yourself in need of some ‘lorem ipsum’ copy to fill in a mock-up, then check out Beer Ipsum, a lorem ipsum generator that spits out nothing but delicious, beer-themed gobbledygook.

For just a taste of what the Beer Ipsum generator can provide, here are 2 paragraphs of sample content:

Length krausen wheat beer glass shelf life filter; bacterial bunghole conditioning tank, hard cider, abv keg? top-fermenting yeast attenuation, ” grainy hop back,” primary fermentation. bunghole finishing hops fermentation mash tun. pub barleywine shelf life aau, hefe racking additive trappist brew kettle. caramel malt dry stout, anaerobic autolysis adjunct real ale.

wort, imperial wheat beer glass dry hopping. hydrometer heat exchanger; bacterial hydrometer dextrin dry hopping pitching original gravity imperial sour/acidic! barleywine copper pitching infusion pitching cask conditioned ale. becher, copper pitching yeast brewhouse ale, aroma hops abv. hefe becher mead, specific gravity, berliner weisse hard cider finishing hops? mead tulip glass, brewpub bacterial fermentation? hand pump brew mash: shelf life; primary fermentation brewhouse. top-fermenting yeast length bottom fermenting yeast– barrel hefe alcohol lambic mash tun.

The tool can generate a nearly infinite amount of copy, so whether you need 1 paragraph or 100, you’ll always be ready to look like a pro.

[Beer Ipsum]



The BREWZER from PocketToolX is a small and simple bottle opener, but that doesn’t mean it won’t get the job done when it’s time to open up your favorite beer.

The BREWZER is made from high-grade, heat treated stainless steel, so it should last a lifetime, and it also includes a multi-purpose flat tip that acts as a pry tool, a scraper tool, and a flat head keychain screwdriver. Plus, the tip has been notched to allow you to tear open packages with ease, or to use the BREWZER as a beer shotgun tool if needed.

Lastly, the keychain opening is bottle shaped, so you can show off to your designer friends while popping open the next round.

[PocketToolX – BREWZER]

Industrial Bottle Opener

Industrial Bottle Opener

The Industrial Bottle Opener from Adam Hogsett is manually machined from cold formed steel (with a light coat of wax to prevent rusting), hand stamped with a sequential production number, and features a strap made of hand-sewn, tanned leather.

If you’re looking for a bottle opener that stands out from the crowd, then look no further, because the Industrial Bottle Opener is hard to beat.

[Etsy – Industrial Bottle Opener]

Heineken Uses Facebook For Next Bottle Design

Heineken Bottle Contest

To help celebrate their 140th anniversary, Heineken wants to know what the bottle of the future will look like, and is asking their Facebook fans to create a design “that symbolizes how people around the world will connect in the next 140 years”.

Since each design will cover half the bottle, entrants must connect with another designer in the gallery to submit their entry as a pair.

The winning design will be printed on an exclusive 140th anniversary Limited Edition pack, on sale in December of 2012.

Head on over to Heineken’s Facebook Page for more details.