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Custom Beer Notebooks

Beer Notebook

If you’re looking for a unique way to jot down notes on the beers you taste (before entering them into the Brew Review app, of course) then check out these Beer Notebooks from Sara Selepouchin.

Featuring an original beer glassware illustration that wraps around the cover, they’re perfect for jotting notes on the go, writing your own reviews of the beers you sample, or just doodling. Plus, it makes a perfect gift for your favorite bartender or home brewer.

[Etsy – Beer Notebook]

6 Packer Laser Cut Beer Carrier

6 Packer

The 6 Packer is a six-pack carrier made from laser cut plywood that’s perfect for carrying around six of your favorite homebrews.

It’s also open source, with plans available for download through Thingverse, allowing you to customize the material thickness, bottle diameter, fastener size, hand grips, and more.

Once you’ve finalized the design to your preferences, you can send the plans to a laser cutter and have pieces ready for assembly in just a few minutes.

If you don’t have a personal laser cutter, you an also purchase the 6 Packer on Etsy, though that does take away some of the DIY charm.

[Thingverse – 6 Packer]

[Etsy – 6 Packer]

Beer Posters

If you’re looking for beer related art to adorn the walls of your favorite beer drinking spot, then check out these posters from Etsy:


The first is simply called Beer, and comes from a shop called Man vs Ink. It walks through the homebrew process, and includes some awesome typography in beer inspired colors.

Know What You Drink

The second is called Know What You Drink, and comes from a shop called Drywell Art. It includes the most popular variations on Hops, Malts and Yeast, and is “both a highly accurate and informative diagram, as well as a bold and colorful piece of art”.

Both will set you back just $25:

[Etsy – BeerKnow What You Drink]

StudioArdent Makes Beer Themed Boutonnieres

Beer Boutonniere

StudioArdent is an Etsy shop that makes custom boutonnieres out of beer themed ingredients, including hops, wheat and bottle caps.

Since each one is unique, you can custom order what you want, including the design above, which includes a cap from the famous Arrogant Bastard.

[Etsy – StudioArdent]