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Become A Homebrewer: Video Guide On How To Homebrew Beer

In addition to awesome profiles of Los Angeles homebrewing, Thrash Lab’s Subculture Club put together their own guide to homebrewing, hosted by Simon Ford. The video takes you through the 10-step homebrew process, and does a good job of covering the basics:

Turn A Beer Cans Into A Wi-Fi Booster

Beer Can Wi-Fi Booster

Did you know that with a few simple cuts, you can turn an empty beer can into a Wi-Fi booster that will nearly double your reception?

It’s true, and wikiHow has a step-by-step guild that will walk you through the eight step process. (Don’t worry, most of the steps are really easy.)

Beer Can Wi-Fi Booster Parts

Sure, you could use a soda can and probably get the same results, but what better way to show off your craft beer geekery than with a beer can serving as your signal booster?

[wikiHow – How to Make a Wi-Fi Booster Using Only a Beer Can]

Beer Craft and Beer Infographic

Beer Craft

Beer Craft, by William Bostwick and Jessi Rymill, is “your guide to drinking the best beer you