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Das Horn Drinking Horn

Das Horn is an ancient drinking horn with a modern twist.

Currently raising funds through Kickstarter, Das Horn is made with dishwasher safe, food safe, BPA free ABS plastic, and a stainless steel rim that can be laser etched with your choice of text.

Higher pledge amounts also include a neck strap that allows you to go hands-free at your next beer tasting event.

Das Horn

Plus, since Das Horn holds up to 24 ounces, you can use it at home by pouring in a whole bomber and enjoying your favorite brew without needing to re-pour.

It’s a win-win, so back the project now on Kickstarter, and get Das Boot delivered to your doorstep as soon as it becomes available.

TORQ Kills All Other Bottle Openers

TORQ Bottle Opener

TORQ is a bottle opener that defines the term ‘over engineered’.

Machined from billets of 303 Stainless, Naval Brass (alloy 464) or grade 2 Titanium, it’s free from branding, and designed to last longer than you are, so that you can hand it down for generations.

To see just how tough the TORQ really is, check out this video of it putting other openers to shame:

TORQ was recently funded through Kickstarter, and with 133 backers pledging more than $6000, they’re committed bringing the TORQ to life, which means that in just a few short weeks, you should be able to order a TORQ of your very own.

[TORQ Bottle Opener]

Freaker Bottle Koozies Have Style


The Freaker is a one-size-fits-all knit koozie that’s designed to keep your liquids insulated in style.

[The Freaker team isn’t] selling a product, they

Opena Turns Your iPhone Into A Bottle Opener


The Opena is an iPhone 4 case that includes a slide out bottle opener, and while the concept isn’t new, the Opena is one of the best designed versions of the iPhone + bottle opener combo that I’ve seen.

The case itself is made of hard plastic, with a stainless steel bottle opener that slides out using a finger hole that also conveniently leaves the Apple logo viewable through the back.

Opena Colors

Plus, it was actually funded through Kickstarter, so it’s a community backed product that you can track the development of.

Check out the video for more details: