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Michelada Beer Popsicle

Here’s an interesting variation on the beer cocktail: Diablo Taco in Los Angeles, CA is serving up what they’re calling a Mexican Michelada on top of their beers, which can be dunked, dropped into or just eaten alongside your beer of choice.


The Michelada is a frozen ice pop that’s made from organic tomato juice, fresh-squeezed lime, chilies & secret spices, and while you can’t duplicate the exact recipe, it does seem like something you could make a close approximation of with a little experimentation.

[Thrillist – Diablo Taco]

Los Angeles Craft Beer and Homebrewing

For a look at the Los Angeles, CA homebrewing culture, check out this video from Thrash Lab, where they look into the community of craft beer and the growth of homebrewing in the area. They talk with beer geeks, craft beer experts, and home brewers, and look at the history and development of home-brewed beer as the foundation and grassroots of all craft beer:

Alchemy & Science Acquires Angel City Brewing

Alchemy And Science

Alchemy & Science is a craft beer collaboration led by Alan Newman and Stacey Steinmetz of Magic Hat Brewing Company and funded by Jim Koch of The Boston Beer Company.

The mission of Alchemy & Science is

to increase awareness of craft brewed beers by exploring and managing a broad range of opportunities, from creating and/or incubating new breweries to providing legacy solutions to craft beer/brewery founders.

And after much speculation, they have finally announced their first project: The acquisition of Angel City Brewing Company out of Los Angeles.

Angel City Brewing

Angel City Brewing was founded by Michael Bowe, who was well known in the Los Angeles brewing scene after being named Los Angeles Homebrewer of the Year in 1995 and 1996. He founded Angel City Brewing in 1997, and then in 2004, he expanded his brewing operation by purchasing an 8,000 barrel German-made brewery off eBay.

Angel City Brewing is known for a few varieties, including the Che Pale Ale, Angel City Pilz & Angel City Lager, and with the addition of Alchemy & Science, hopes to introduce a few new surprises into the mix.

According to Alan Newman,

In addition to brewing the beers that have made Angel City so well respected, the brewery will be a great testing place for new beer styles that we develop. There will always be something new and delicious on tap at Angel City.

Despite being the second most populous city in the United States, Los Angeles has traditionally been underserved by the craft beer community, which makes this a smart acquisition by Alchemy & Science. I expect we’ll see a huge expansion in the LA craft beer scene in the coming years as breweries tap into this unmet demand, which should position Angel City nicely atop that trend.

[Alchemy & Science – Angel City Brewing]

Pacifico Delivers Draft With Adventures On Tap

Adventures On Tap

Pacifico is now available on draft, so to celebrate, they decided to deliver the first five kegs with a west coast road trip called Adventures On Tap:

Each keg was used as a canvas to document their travels, which took them from Phoenix to Seattle by way of San Diego, Los Angeles and San Francisco, with stops along the way to search out unknown adventures.

Adventures On Tap Keg

The end result is an epic looking road trip that you can relive through their Facebook Page, which includes a blog, photos and videos of their travels.

[Pacifico – Adventures On Tap]