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Bottle Openers by J. L. Lawson & Co.

The Rack by J. L. Lawson & Co.

J. L. Lawson & Co. is a third-generation machine shop out of Joshua Tree, CA, that specializes in high quality stainless steel, steel, and brass goods including rings, spinning tops, belt buckles, and bottle openers.

I recently purchased a belt from J. L. Lawson & Co., so I can attest to the quality, and you can get a feel for the craftsmanship by checking out this video, which shows the process they go through to make a single copy of The Rack, a cold rolled steel bottle opener & key rack:

If you’re looking for a bottle opener that will last a lifetime, then check out J. L. Lawson & Co., because it doesn’t get much better than a tool that was hand made by a single craftsman, right here in the US of A.

[J. L. Lawson & Co.]

Das Horn Drinking Horn

Das Horn is an ancient drinking horn with a modern twist.

Currently raising funds through Kickstarter, Das Horn is made with dishwasher safe, food safe, BPA free ABS plastic, and a stainless steel rim that can be laser etched with your choice of text.

Higher pledge amounts also include a neck strap that allows you to go hands-free at your next beer tasting event.

Das Horn

Plus, since Das Horn holds up to 24 ounces, you can use it at home by pouring in a whole bomber and enjoying your favorite brew without needing to re-pour.

It’s a win-win, so back the project now on Kickstarter, and get Das Boot delivered to your doorstep as soon as it becomes available.



The BREWZER from PocketToolX is a small and simple bottle opener, but that doesn’t mean it won’t get the job done when it’s time to open up your favorite beer.

The BREWZER is made from high-grade, heat treated stainless steel, so it should last a lifetime, and it also includes a multi-purpose flat tip that acts as a pry tool, a scraper tool, and a flat head keychain screwdriver. Plus, the tip has been notched to allow you to tear open packages with ease, or to use the BREWZER as a beer shotgun tool if needed.

Lastly, the keychain opening is bottle shaped, so you can show off to your designer friends while popping open the next round.

[PocketToolX – BREWZER]

Kebo Bottle Opener


The Kebo bottle opener (derived from “Bottle Key”) was inspired by the Theodore Law bottle opener from the 1930s, and is designed to open bottles one-handed.

Kebo Banner

It’s also cast of stainless steel and polished to a mirror finish, so it makes a great gift for anyone you know that is still in search of the perfect bottle opener.