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How To Perfect The Pour

What’s important to keep in mind when you’re trying to do a perfect pour?

Watch as Dogfish Head explains how to get the most out of a tap, and a bottle:

BrewTruc Is A Taproom On Wheels


The BrewTruc is a taproom-on-wheels that started life as a yellow school bus, and now roams the streets of San Francisco bringing great beer to the masses.

With 12 custom beers on tap (six taps inside the bus, six taps outside) and the ability to hold up to 93 gallons of beer, the BrewTruc will feature brews from local nano breweries like Poplar Brewing Co., Pine Street Brewery, and Muddy Puddle.

BrewTruc Tap Handles

It’s licensed like a limo, so you can enjoy brews on the move, and leather-cushioned walnut benches, hood ornament tap handles and other neat design details ensure you’ll be riding in style.

The BrewTruc can bee booked for private events, and they’ll also be parking next to events like food truck gatherings, charity beer gardens and concerts, so if you’re in the area, be on the lookout for a bus that looks a little more sinister than the one you took to school.

[BrewTruc via Thrillist]

Madison Square Garden Has An Impressive Beer System

Madison Square Garden Beer Keg System

What you’re looking at here is one of the two new centralized keg stations that keep the beer flowing at Madison Square Garden. Kyle Stack reported on the new installation for ESPN Magazine, and it was something that I simply had to share.

With more than 1,000 kegs feeding 566 taps at 45 beer stands through 38 miles of temperature-controlled tubing, it’s an amazing feat of beer engineering.

A few more amazing stats:

  • The farthest distance between a keg station and a beer stand is 550 feet. The shortest is just six feet.
  • The system uses 6 miles of copper coolant line to keep the beer between 34 and 36 degrees while being delivered.
  • The concession-stand taps can dispense up to a gallon of beer per minute, balancing speed with foam prevention.

[Via: Kyle Stacks]

Bottoms Up Aims To Change The Way You Get Your Beer

Bottoms Up

The Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispensing System from GrinOn Industries is the fastest beer dispensing system in the world, filling cups of beer up to nine times faster than a traditional tap.

To show just what the system is capable of, here’s a demonstration (and a world record) of one person filling 44 beers in one minute:

The system uses special cups that contain a hole in the bottom that’s sealed with a magnet. When you place the cup on the fill station, the magnet moves out of the way, and beer flows in from the bottom. When the cup is full, the system automatically shuts off, and when you take the cup off the dispenser, the magnet seals the bottom of the cup back up and you’re ready to drink.

Bottoms Up Cup

Now we just need to convince bars and stadiums to start using this thing so we can stop spending time that could be spent drinking waiting for beers to be poured.

[Bottoms Up Draft Beer Dispensing System]