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Hahn Brewery Is Pioneering Beering

Hahn Brewery out of Australia (responsible for one of the best beer commercials of all time) has followed that campaign up with a new marketing campaign called Hahn Academy, to help with their goal of “pioneering beering”.

It’s a place where the dusty, traditional rulebooks of brewing are torn up and recycled into beer coasters upon which a cold one will stand. Where we invite you to think, imagine and even create bold new beer ideas.

Anyone can submit a new idea to the Hahn Academy, and they’ll then bring the best ideas to life through a series of commercials that solves beer-related problems in… unusual ways.

For example, here’s their solution to spill-proof beer for dancing in the clubs:

And for non-stick beer coasters:

I’ve never tried Hahn, so I can’t speak to the quality of their beer, but when it comes to marketing, their work is top notch.

[Hahn Brewery]

Omission Redefines Gluten-Free

Omission Logo

Omission is a new brand from Widmer Brothers Brewing, and it’s the first US craft beer to be classified as gluten-free while still being made using traditional ingredients.



Ok, well maybe not magic, but it is pretty magical that they’ve managed to remain gluten-free while still using malted barley in their brewing process.


Omission is available as either a lager or a pale ale, and while their initial distribution plans only include Oregon, it’s easy to imagine that they have much larger plans for this beer.

For a look at how they make and test gluten free beer, check out this video:


LoveLikeBeer and The Half and Half Make Awesome Beer Posters

LoveLikeBeer Poster

LoveLikeBeer is an organization dedicated to creating inspiring Vegan Food and Craft Beer events in San Diego with a charitable purpose.

To achieve that goal, they work with local artisans and entrepreneurs to host culinary events which incorporate innovative, vegan cuisine, craft beer pairings, and a donation to a local charity.

To help promote their events, they worked with The Half and Half to produce a fantastic poster, and documented the process with an equally impressive video:

(Side Note: I LOVE their logo.)

It’s good to see the passion that goes in to a project like this, so if you’re in the San Diego area, I highly encourage you to check LoveLikeBeer out.


Beer Machine With A Twist

YouTube user NXT1engineer made a machine that takes a beer bottle, twists off the bottle cap and then chills the beer with a mini cooling unit.

While that process might not sound impressive, it gets more impressive when you consider his building material: Legos!

That’s right, The Beer Machine is the end result of quite a bit of tinkering with the Lego Mindstorms NXT kit, and shows that with enough skill and determination, you can make just about anything with everyone’s favorite toy:

[Via: MAKE Magazine]