The Can Van

Can Van via Brian Stechschulte

The Can Van is a mobile canning service that enables local breweries to get all the benefits of packaging their beer in cans without the money, space, or labor required to start their own line.

Typically canning requires a minimum order of 100,000 cans, but by labeling cans in a similar process to labeling glass bottles, The Can Van is able to can any amount of beer with no minimums necessary, at up to 36 cans per minute.

The Can Van is based out of the San Francisco area, but because it’s run out of a trailer, it can travel to any place where canning is needed.

To learn more about The Can Van, check out this video:

(Note: This video was made when they were still looking for funding through IndieGoGo. They have since raised enough money to get their mobile canning trailer up and running, and are currently canning beer for customers.)

[The Can Van via Bay Area Craft Beer]

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