26 Interesting Facts About Beer

Mental Floss heads to Sun King Brewery in Indianapolis, IN to learn 26 interesting facts about bear:

Hey, Pass Me A Beer (2)

Twice the beer, twice the awesome, 10X the Wisconsin:

Beer Labels In Motion

Yeti Animation

Beer Labels In Motion is an impressive Tumblr collection of craft beer labels that have been animated by Trevor Carmick to bring them to life.

Eventually I hope that something like Google Glass enables this for the real world, but until then, it’s still cool to see.

Pop Chart Lab – Concrete Beer Coaster

Pop Chart Lab Concrete Beer Coaster Set

I’ve featured Pop Chart Lab on here before, and they’re back yet again with another must-have product for the beer aficionado: Concrete Beer Coasters

Featuring the beer taxonomy they developed for their Very Many Varieties of Beer poster, each of the four coasters breaks downs a style of beer (Stout, German Lager, Pale Ale, and Belgian Ale) into its subcategories.

The coasters themselves are cast by hand out of concrete, with cork padding on the bottom and a great looking holder made from mahogany ply to keep them all in order.

Pop Chart Labs – Concrete Beer Coaster Set