Avondale Brewing Company Co-Owner Plays Detective

After thieves stole 40 kegs from Avondale Brewing Company out of Birmingham, Alabama, co-owner Coby Lake decided to put his detective hat on and see what he could do to crack the case.

ABC Kegs

A few calls later, he spoke with a scrap yard in the area that had just payed out $450 to two guys in exchange for 40 kegs, so he ran down to the yard and was able to get the driver’s licenses, tags and addresses of the thieves, which he promptly turned over to the police.

The scrap yard agreed to hold the kegs for Coby (in case the police needed to use them for evidence) so now he’s just waiting for the police to pick up their guys so he can get his kegs back.

Smart move!

[Stolen Kegs via The Consumerist]

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