Church vs Beer on Twitter

Floating Sheep is a blog that studies the geo-located data that gets shared online, and their DOLLY Project (aka Data On Local Life and You) is designed to bring local geo-data to the people.

To showcase DOLLY, they decided to run some tests against the Tweets that are shared on Twitter during one of the weeks leading up to July 4th. They extracted about 10 million Tweets, and matched those that contained the word “church” (17,686 Tweets) and those that contained the word “beer” (14,405 Tweets) to their county on the US map.

The result is a rather interesting look at what dominates the conversations of different parts of the country:

Church and Beer Tweet Map

While not a pure test of conversation topics (discussions of the separation of church and state fall under the church category, but that hardly means that person is a church attendee) it is interesting to note that trends do emerge on a macro level.

My only question is, how many Tweets contained both?

[Floating Sheep: Church or Beer? Americans on Twitter]

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