Hahn Brewery Is Pioneering Beering

Hahn Brewery out of Australia (responsible for one of the best beer commercials of all time) has followed that campaign up with a new marketing campaign called Hahn Academy, to help with their goal of “pioneering beering”.

It’s a place where the dusty, traditional rulebooks of brewing are torn up and recycled into beer coasters upon which a cold one will stand. Where we invite you to think, imagine and even create bold new beer ideas.

Anyone can submit a new idea to the Hahn Academy, and they’ll then bring the best ideas to life through a series of commercials that solves beer-related problems in… unusual ways.

For example, here’s their solution to spill-proof beer for dancing in the clubs:

And for non-stick beer coasters:

I’ve never tried Hahn, so I can’t speak to the quality of their beer, but when it comes to marketing, their work is top notch.

[Hahn Brewery]

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