Beer Beer Goggles

A funny short from College Humor about grabbing a macrobrew when you should be enjoying a micro:

Brew Age Videos Highlight The Craft Beer Revolution

Brew Age

Brew Age is a fantastic new video series from Oct28 Productions about the craft beer revolution and the breweries that are doing their best to change the way we think about and enjoy beer.

There are three episodes available right now, and each is only about six minutes long, so you can catch up and enjoy them all in one sitting. Plus, you can sign up at to be notified when new episodes are posted so you never miss a new episode.

I witnessed their setup firsthand at a recent homebrew house tour I attended, and can vouch for how passionate they are about capturing the spirit and the energy of the craft beer movement.

There’s a (surprising) dearth of high quality beer videos on the internet right now, so hopefully they can keep this series going and continue to give the world a new and exciting look into the world of craft beer.

Brew Age

Hand Forged Steel Bottle Opener

Hand Forged Steel Bottle Opener

This hand forged steel bottle opener with copper rivet is one of the best looking bottle openers I’ve seen in a while.

Each bottle opener is individually made by hand on an anvil by metal artist Lyle Poulin, and then finished by hand to ensure proper fit. The steel develops a very unique surface texture that comes from being heated to 2000 degrees and then hammering it to shape, and the opener is designed to last for generations.

Forged Bottle Opener with Copper Rivet

Google Spreadsheets Has A Beer Secret

Google Drive Spreadsheets Beer

Here’s a fun little easter egg that one beer loving Google programmer has hidden in Google Drive Spreadsheets: Type the name of a popular beer style in cell A1, and another beer style in cell A2. Then highlight both cells, hold the option key (CTRL for Windows users) and drag the corner of the bottom cell down. The new cells should auto-fill with a variety of beer related styles and terms.

It’s not the most useful trick in the world, but if you have to fill in some sample data into a spreadsheet for some reason, why not at least give a little nod to your brewing brethren over at Google in the process?

Via: TechCrunch