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Reusable Leather Six-Pack Carton

Leather Six-Pack Holder

If you’re looking for a classy way to carry around a six-pack, then check out the Reusable Leather Six-Pack Carton from Etsy seller Walnut Studio.

Walnut Studio

Nicknamed “The Spartan Carton”, this stripped-down, minimalist beer box is made of leather rings that have been riveted together and then riveted to a central masonite handle, and is designed to last a lifetime.

It’s available in either brown or black leather, and compliments their Six-Pack Bicycle Frame Cinch for easy two-wheel transport.

Plus, each one is made to order out of a workshop in Portland, Oregon, so you can rest assured that you’ll be supporting a true artist with passion for the product.

[Reusable Leather Six-Pack Carton]

Joe Wilson Designs Cans For 21st Amendment

Joe Wilson 21st Amendment Cans

In a recent interview with Wired, Joe Wilson, the British artist behind the eye-catching cans from 21st Amendment Brewery, talked about the process of creating his designs:

They asked me to create a series of images based around the loose theme

The Very Many Varieties of Beer

You may think you’ve tried every brew in the book, but Pop Chart Lab’s The Very Many Varieties of Beer poster would suggest otherwise!

Beer Styles Poster

The poster, which includes all major styles of beer, along with representative quaffs for each style, is printed on the offset lithographic presses of Precise Continental Corp., in DUMBO, Brooklyn, and is hand-signed and numbered by the artists.

Beer Styles Poster Detail

Plus, if you put it behind glass and in a frame, you can use a dry erase marker to turn the poster into a checklist, so that you can begin to work your way through the more obscure options.

[Pop Chart Lab – The Very Many Varieties of Beer]

Artist Creates Beer Pyramid To Prove A Point

Beer Pyramid Before And After

Artist Cyprien Gaillard recently built a pyramid out of 72,000 bottles of Efes beer, which were transported from Turkey to the KW Institute for Contemporary Art in Germany to prove the point that, “Preserving a monument goes hand in hand with destroying it. In order to preserve architecture, cultural monuments and relics, they are often re-located, thus abolishing the original context.”

Beer Pyramid Party

Once the pyramid was build, he invited museum goers to partake in the work, as “The cardboard boxes filled with bottles form the even steps of the pyramid. By using the monument