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Staropramen Beer Can Keyboard

Staropramen Keyboard

For the Staropramen contest at the 2012 Webstock conference, Robofun attached 40 cans of Staropramen to the Raspberry PI, an Arduino powered touch capacitive controller, and created what is most likely the world’s first beer can keyboard.

The keyboard behaves just like a regular keyboard, meaning you can plug it into any computer or laptop, only instead of pressing keys, you just gently tap the top of the beer can that represents your letter.

For more on the beer can keyboard, check out the following video:

Turn A Beer Cans Into A Wi-Fi Booster

Beer Can Wi-Fi Booster

Did you know that with a few simple cuts, you can turn an empty beer can into a Wi-Fi booster that will nearly double your reception?

It’s true, and wikiHow has a step-by-step guild that will walk you through the eight step process. (Don’t worry, most of the steps are really easy.)

Beer Can Wi-Fi Booster Parts

Sure, you could use a soda can and probably get the same results, but what better way to show off your craft beer geekery than with a beer can serving as your signal booster?

[wikiHow – How to Make a Wi-Fi Booster Using Only a Beer Can]

Cheers – Beer Can Dads

To celebrate Father’s Day, EveryGuyed and Moxy Creative House teamed up to create a series of Premium Fatherly Brews, called Cheers – Here’s To You Dad.

Cheers - Beer Can Dads

The series, created by Glenn Michael, includes eight iconic animated dads, re-envisioned as beer cans.

Prints are available for purchase at Moxy Creative House.

[Via: Brookston Beer Bulletin]