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Goes Together Like Beer and Politics

Beer Politics Chart

Turns out, if you drink Miller High Life, you really are just an average American.

According to a chart put together by Tracey Robinson of the National Journal, which compares beer preferences to political party preferences and voter turnout, Democrats prefer Corona, though they don’t turn out at the polls. Republicans on the other hand prefer Samuel Adams, and are more likely to turn out when it comes time to vote.

Shiner Bock and Lone Star, both out of Texas, skew unsurprisingly Republican, while Heineken, Miller Genuine Draft and Budweiser drinkers skew Democrat.

If you’d take a microbrew over any of the mass market beers, you’re more likely to be a Democrat, though you are also more likely than most to turn out at the polls. The highest voting turnout honors goes to Sierra Nevada.

While you shouldn’t take this type of data as fact on face value alone, it is interesting to see what the trends look like when you take a step back and look at the big picture.

[What Your Beer Says About Your Politics]

Flash Fans for Budweiser’s Super Bowl Commercial

I try to stay away from big budget beer advertising, but sometimes they come up with something that’s just too good to ignore.

In this case, Budweiser Canada decided to surprise an Ontario rec league hockey match with a game they won’t soon forget:

It pulls at the heart strings in all the right ways, and is sure to leave an impression on viewers when it airs this weekend during the Super Bowl.

Well done Bud, well done.

Draftmark Tap System Keeps Your Bud Cold

Draftmark Tap System

Following in the footsteps of the Heineken BeerTender and the Miller Home Draft, Anheuser-Busch recently announced the Draftmark Tap System, a new device that allows you to keep a gallon of Budweiser, Shock Top or Bass Pale Ale in your refrigerator, cold and ready to pour.

Sure, noting beats having your own kegerator at home that’s filled with your own home brew, but at least the big guys are doing something to bridge the gap between the average beer drinker and the future craft beer connoisseur.

[Draftmark Tap System]

Pop Top Can Car

Pop Top Can Car

The Pop Top Can Car was originally designed by Automotive Innovations in the early 1980s for Budweiser, but was widely used by Stroh Brewery for promotional purposes. That all ended in 1984 however, when Mothers Against Drunk Driving ran a bad publicity campaign against the car, which resulted in Stroh discontinuing their use, and Automotive Innovations ultimately ceasing production.

Pop Top Can Car Tap

The car features Volkswagen mechanicals, but was titled as a “Pop Top Can Car” from the factory. In addition to the can shaped body, each car had enough space onboard for a 15-gallon keg, and everything needed to dispense beer from a tap in the hood.

[Via: Jalopnik and Hemmings]