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Pop Chart Lab – Concrete Beer Coaster

Pop Chart Lab Concrete Beer Coaster Set

I’ve featured Pop Chart Lab on here before, and they’re back yet again with another must-have product for the beer aficionado: Concrete Beer Coasters

Featuring the beer taxonomy they developed for their Very Many Varieties of Beer poster, each of the four coasters breaks downs a style of beer (Stout, German Lager, Pale Ale, and Belgian Ale) into its subcategories.

The coasters themselves are cast by hand out of concrete, with cork padding on the bottom and a great looking holder made from mahogany ply to keep them all in order.

Pop Chart Labs – Concrete Beer Coaster Set

Maple Coasters with Built-In Bottle Opener

Maple Coasters with Bottle Opener

Check out these awesome new coasters from Brooklyn Brew Shop, which feature bottle openers built right in.

Made of maple and available as a set of four, they’re designed to not only protect your table, but to protect you from not being able to open a capped bottle.

[Brooklyn Brew Shop – Maple Coaster & Bottle Opener Set]

Hahn Brewery Is Pioneering Beering

Hahn Brewery out of Australia (responsible for one of the best beer commercials of all time) has followed that campaign up with a new marketing campaign called Hahn Academy, to help with their goal of “pioneering beering”.

It’s a place where the dusty, traditional rulebooks of brewing are torn up and recycled into beer coasters upon which a cold one will stand. Where we invite you to think, imagine and even create bold new beer ideas.

Anyone can submit a new idea to the Hahn Academy, and they’ll then bring the best ideas to life through a series of commercials that solves beer-related problems in… unusual ways.

For example, here’s their solution to spill-proof beer for dancing in the clubs:

And for non-stick beer coasters:

I’ve never tried Hahn, so I can’t speak to the quality of their beer, but when it comes to marketing, their work is top notch.

[Hahn Brewery]