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DIY Wooden Bottle Opener

Wooden Bottle Opener

If you don’t mind putting in a little work, you can turn some wood, a nail, and a magnet into a functional and beautiful bottle opener.

The process isn’t difficult, and the end result is something you can be proud of, so check this out if you’re looking for a weekend project.

[How to Make a Handsome and Handy Wooden Bottle Opener]

6 Packer Laser Cut Beer Carrier

6 Packer

The 6 Packer is a six-pack carrier made from laser cut plywood that’s perfect for carrying around six of your favorite homebrews.

It’s also open source, with plans available for download through Thingverse, allowing you to customize the material thickness, bottle diameter, fastener size, hand grips, and more.

Once you’ve finalized the design to your preferences, you can send the plans to a laser cutter and have pieces ready for assembly in just a few minutes.

If you don’t have a personal laser cutter, you an also purchase the 6 Packer on Etsy, though that does take away some of the DIY charm.

[Thingverse – 6 Packer]

[Etsy – 6 Packer]

Brooklyn BrewShop Beer Making Book

Beer Making Book

If you’re looking to get into the hobby of homebrewing with a book that will walk you through the process from beginning to end, then check out the Beer Making Book from the Brooklyn BrewShop.

The book contains:

  • 52 Seasonal Beer Recipes, Including 4 Gluten-Free Recipes
  • Illustrated Step-by-Step Brewing and Bottling Instructions and Equipment Guide
  • 1 and 5 Gallon Variations for Any Kitchen
  • PLUS: Cooking with Beer, Food Pairings, How to Grow Hops, and More

The recipes are arranged according to the season, including Everyday IPA and Rose Cheeked & Blonde for spring; Grapefruit Honey Ale and S