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Hoppy Press Makes Art For Homebrewers

Hoppy Press

Hoppy Press is a new online store that’s working on a unique line of beer art for homebrewers, beer lovers, and anyone with an appreciation of fine craft brews.

Hoppy Press was founded by Paul Finn and Greg Elizondo, two homebrewers, beer lovers and software craftsmen working out of the beautiful seacoast region of New Hampshire, USA.

Being homebrewers, they are passionate about quality ingredients and creating the best product possible, so when they started looking for beer art that represented the homebrewer community and found only cheap glossy posters that were mass-produced, they decided to take matters into their own hands, and Hoppy Press was born.

Hoppy Press makes their art using only the highest quality printing methods, and all screen prints are hand-pulled using only environmentally friendly, soy-based inks. Plus, the rich, heavy paper they use is manufactured in the USA using 100% renewable electricity.

Their debut is a limited edition print, called Brew Debut, which features bold colors, contrast and detail that bring the word “Brew!” to life with a large, 18″ x 24″ design.

Though this special first edition is limited to just one-hundred prints, you can sign up for their newsletter to receive exclusive sneak peeks and upcoming special offers.

As an added bonus, each print is packed by hand and ships for free, so you’re not getting nickel and dimmed with added costs. Just another example of why Paul and Greg have something special going here. If you’re looking for something to spruce up the walls of your home or bar, then definitely check out what Hoppy Press has on offer.

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President Obama Is A Homebrewer

Did you know that President Obama is a homebrewer? And that he’s the first president ever to do so within the walls of the White House?

White House Honey Ale

According to Obama Foodorama, the Obamas used their personal funds to purchase a homebrew kit in preparation for their yearly Super Bowl party, and had their squad of personal chefs brew up a beer they called the White House Honey Ale, made with a pound of honey gathered from the White House Beehive.

I wonder if anyone’s making a clone yet…

Healdsburg Beer Company

Healdsburg Beer Company

According to the site, Healdsburg Beer Company is an independent and family owned artisan brewery that produces less than 1,000 gallons of artisan cask ales per year using only the finest ingredients in laboriously attended to small lots.

According to Kevin McGee, proprietor and brewmaster of Healdsburg Beer Company:

Our brewing philosophy is grounded in the idea of balance. We strive to create beer that balances the flavors that we find in the malt, hops and yeast and create a layered, nuanced and flavorful beer that is still an easy drinking and friendly pint.

Justin Whitaker, himself a homebrewer and the man behind Powell Avenue Brew, had the chance to catch up with Kevin during a recent brew session, and made a video to share more about his operation, his beers, and a special brew he is making for Mr. Healdsburg.

If you’re interested to see what a successful nano-brewery looks like, then check out this video:

[Via: Bay Area Craft Beer]