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Convert a Big Beer Draft System Into A Home Brew Mini Keg

Coors Light Home Draft

One good thing about the Heineken BeerTender, the Miller Home Draft and the Anheuser-Busch Draftmark Tap System is that with a little elbow grease, home brewers can turn them into mini travel kegs.

By removing the label, filling with beer and then recharging the CO2, you can have a gallon of your favorite brew at your disposal, ready for picnics, BBQs, parties and more.

The Danville Beer Club put together a great step-by-step instruction guide to help you through the process of converting a Miller Home Brew, and it’s surprisingly easy once you’re familiar with the pieces and parts that make up the system.

[Danville Beer Club – Reuse a Miller Home Draft System]

Madison Square Garden Has An Impressive Beer System

Madison Square Garden Beer Keg System

What you’re looking at here is one of the two new centralized keg stations that keep the beer flowing at Madison Square Garden. Kyle Stack reported on the new installation for ESPN Magazine, and it was something that I simply had to share.

With more than 1,000 kegs feeding 566 taps at 45 beer stands through 38 miles of temperature-controlled tubing, it’s an amazing feat of beer engineering.

A few more amazing stats:

  • The farthest distance between a keg station and a beer stand is 550 feet. The shortest is just six feet.
  • The system uses 6 miles of copper coolant line to keep the beer between 34 and 36 degrees while being delivered.
  • The concession-stand taps can dispense up to a gallon of beer per minute, balancing speed with foam prevention.

[Via: Kyle Stacks]

Equinox And Yendra Built Cycles Create The Keg Trike

We’ve seen a beer car, but what about a beer bike?

Bootlegger Tricycle

In Fort Collins, Colorado, Equinox Brewing aims to keep their beer as local and sustainable as possible, so they’ve decided to only serve kegs to places they can deliver to by foot or pedal.

Transporting a 160lb keg using only human power isn’t easy though, so they decided to get creative and enlisted the help of Yendra Built Cycles to design and build a custom trike that can transport kegs with just a single person’s pedal power, called the Bootlegger tricycle.

Bootlegger Tricycle Plans

The main feature of the keg trike is a low platform that sits between the two front wheels to hold the keg. A locking brake allows the rider to ‘park’ the trike while loading and unloading, and the rear wheel is off a unicycle so the trike can easily soak up bumps and other obstacles.

Bootlegger Trike Rider

The trike is still in prototype phase as they work on finishing the steering, but when it’s all complete and sporting a fresh new paint job, I can’t think of a better way to get fresh beer from brewery to bar and back again.

[Inhabitat – Equinox Keg Trike]

Pop Top Can Car

Pop Top Can Car

The Pop Top Can Car was originally designed by Automotive Innovations in the early 1980s for Budweiser, but was widely used by Stroh Brewery for promotional purposes. That all ended in 1984 however, when Mothers Against Drunk Driving ran a bad publicity campaign against the car, which resulted in Stroh discontinuing their use, and Automotive Innovations ultimately ceasing production.

Pop Top Can Car Tap

The car features Volkswagen mechanicals, but was titled as a “Pop Top Can Car” from the factory. In addition to the can shaped body, each car had enough space onboard for a 15-gallon keg, and everything needed to dispense beer from a tap in the hood.

[Via: Jalopnik and Hemmings]