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Image Brew Brands Their Own Brewski

Image Brew

Apparently branded beer is the new black, with Arnold and Threadless both releasing their own brews in the past few months.

Image Brewski

Continuing that trend is Image Brew, a film and video production company out of Denver, Colorado that brewed a beer called Image Brewski as part of their 2011 marketing and branding efforts.

Sure, it might be trendy, but who’s complaining about the brewing of more beer?

[Image Brew – Have A Beer With Us!]

Aliens Stole My Beer!

Big Beer Companies might not make the best brews, but they sure do know how to spend some marketing dollars!

Aliens Stole My Beer!

For their ‘Freshtival’, Miller teamed up with NERDWORKING, SigmaRD and Code Island to create Aliens Stole My Beer!, a contemporized version of the classic “shoot ’em up” game where players move their character with their own body movement via an infrared depth camera, similar to the way Microsoft’s Kinect works. To shoot at the aliens, players actually shout at the screen, which combines into a hilarious sight to see:

[NERDWORKING – Aliens Stole My Beer!]