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Natty Light Is The First Beer In Space

First Beer In Space

On November 18, 2011, Natty Light did what no beer had done before, and officially became The First Beer In Space. (Or at least the first beer to an area of Space that Natty Light later named the ‘Nattmosphere’.)

The project began when Danny and Rich, two of Natty Light’s Facebook Fans, contacted the company and said they wanted to take Natty into space.

Natty said “Go for it!” and pledged to support their efforts on the Facebook Page, including a contest to name the craft, which came to be known as the Aluminum Fullcan.

The Aluminum Fullcan was made of a styrofoam cooler that carried a full beer on board, a second, empty can on the outside, a GPS tracking device, and an HD camera, all lifted into space by a giant weather balloon.

The flight itself lasted for more than 2 hours, reaching a height of 90,000+ feet, and traveling more than 60 miles away from the original launch site. In fact, it traveled so far, and landed in an area that had such poor GPS reception, that it took Danny and Rich another 2 hours just to locate the craft and recover the camera.

By embracing an out of this world idea and turning it into a reality, Natty Light proved that it doesn’t take a huge budget to do something cool online that gets fans excited, and stands out from the crowd.