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MAKR Bottle Key

MAKR Bottle Key

MAKR is a company that specializes in hand-sewn leather goods like bags, wallets and iPhone sleves, but they also make a blank key bottle opener that’s perfect for anyone who prefers minimalism, but still wants a little style.

Made from brass and designed to blend in with the rest of the keys on your key ring, it means you’ll never have to look around for another bottle opener again, since you’ll always have one in your pocket and reedy to go.

[MAKR – Bottle Key]

The Very Many Varieties of Beer

You may think you’ve tried every brew in the book, but Pop Chart Lab’s The Very Many Varieties of Beer poster would suggest otherwise!

Beer Styles Poster

The poster, which includes all major styles of beer, along with representative quaffs for each style, is printed on the offset lithographic presses of Precise Continental Corp., in DUMBO, Brooklyn, and is hand-signed and numbered by the artists.

Beer Styles Poster Detail

Plus, if you put it behind glass and in a frame, you can use a dry erase marker to turn the poster into a checklist, so that you can begin to work your way through the more obscure options.

[Pop Chart Lab – The Very Many Varieties of Beer]