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Maple Coasters with Built-In Bottle Opener

Maple Coasters with Bottle Opener

Check out these awesome new coasters from Brooklyn Brew Shop, which feature bottle openers built right in.

Made of maple and available as a set of four, they’re designed to not only protect your table, but to protect you from not being able to open a capped bottle.

[Brooklyn Brew Shop – Maple Coaster & Bottle Opener Set]

DIY Wooden Bottle Opener

Wooden Bottle Opener

If you don’t mind putting in a little work, you can turn some wood, a nail, and a magnet into a functional and beautiful bottle opener.

The process isn’t difficult, and the end result is something you can be proud of, so check this out if you’re looking for a weekend project.

[How to Make a Handsome and Handy Wooden Bottle Opener]

Cold Creek Brewing Six-Pack Carrier

Cold Creek Brewing Six-Pack Holder

Cold Creek Brewing makes a six-pack carrier out of rustic wood and copper that is sure to class up your next event.

In addition to its good looks, it’s also useful, as the handle includes a built-in bottle opener, and the wooden dividers can be removed to make way for larger bottles. Plus, the slats are placed so that it’s easy to read the labels, so you can always find your favorite beer, or show off the new label on your home brew.

EDIT: Cold Creek Brewing was just featured on Etsy’s blog! Check it out: Featured Shop: Cold Creek Brewing

[Cold Creek Brewing – Six-Pack Carrier]