What is the Brew Queue?
Brew Queue allows you to quickly add a new beer along with its rating and a picture of the label, so that you can add a new brew, even if you don’t have time for a full review. (Like when you’re at a beer fest or out at the bar.) Simply type in the name, give the beer an overall rating, and then snap a picture of the label. The beer will be automatically added to your Queue, and when you go back later to fill in the details, you can use the label as a reference.

Why are details like price on a 1-10 scale?
An element of your beer experience like price has too many variables to capture with anything other than a sliding scale. If there was an option for a dollar amount, you’d have to figure out if that was for a single bottle, a six-pack, a glass at the bar, or even a growler. Plus, different places add a different markup to the beer they sell. With a 1-10 scale, the goal is to capture how the price feels to you. For some, a $20 six-pack wouldn’t even put a dent in their wallet (I wish!) so they can give that a lower score. For others, anything over $10 for a six-pack is a rare treat, so they’d want to remember a beer that they loved that was also within their budget.

When will [feature x] get added to Brew Review?
The goal is to update Brew Review with features that will make it a better app for everyone, while still keeping it easy (and fun) to use. If you have a feature request, I’d love to hear it! Just email me.